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Simon Jennings

Artist's Color Manual

Artist's Color Manual

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The Complete Guide to Working With Color

Developed by the same team that created "Artist's Manual" and "Art Class," both top-selling art reference books, "Artist's Color Manual" is the ultimate guide to color for visual artists.

Whether they work in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, or inks, artists of all stripes will find information and ideas flowing from every profusely illustrated page.

Renowned art instructor Simon Jennings begins with a basic introduction to color theory, the color wheel, and the art of mixing pigments. The heart of the "Artist's Color Manual" is a comprehensive guide to mixing and creating each color of the spectrum, from primaries to tricky neutrals, flesh tones, and metallics.

Additional chapters focus on techniques, such as mixing media, that create color in both traditional and unexpected ways. Examples of work by accomplished artists and interviews with leading painters suggest creative ideas for color use.

With expert instruction, detailed information, and inspiring visuals, "Artist's Color Manual" is especially helpful for those who are learning to paint, yet speaks with definitive authority to all artists looking to perfect their craft.

ISBN: 9780811841436
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