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Jonathan Biggins

As it Were

As it Were

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A witty and satirical take on world history, leaving no archaeological or sacred stone unturned. Welcome to a Monty Pythonesque insight into historical events that will forever change the way you look at the past and present.

'In the beginning, God created a committee. Then he fashioned a small room where they could all assemble, with tea and coffee-making facilities (cold drinks at an additional charge) and Gestetner machine for the minutes.' And so the world began.

Did you know that Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus got themselves an agent to create the high historical profile that still hangs around today?

Find out about the difficulty William Shakespeare had getting a grant to fund his writing.

Discover the Vikings' distaste for raping and pillaging and their yearnings for evenings around a peat fire assembling Ikea furniture.

There are also the potted histories of the origins of sport, opera and the stage, the birth of democracy, the real story behind the Merry Green Men of Sherwood Forest and the real meaning of Christmas.'

ISBN: 9780733315312
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