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Rodney Castleden

Atlantis Destroyed

Atlantis Destroyed

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Plato's legend of Atlantis has become notorious among scholars as the most absurd lie in literature, now, "Atlantis Destroyed" explores how Plato's account can be perceived as historically true.

Atlantis has hovered between fable and folk tale, taken as history by some and acknowledged as allegory by others. Now in paperback, this fascinating book theorizes how the tale of Atlantis is not one piece of identifiable proto-history, but several, and that Plato's story was really a parable told to comment on the state of the world in his own times.

The author incorporates the latest findings on Knossos (in Crete) and Thera, the two islands long considered the "real" site of Atlantis. In examining Minoan civilization, Castleden discusses the material culture, trade empire and agricultural system, writing and wall paintings, art, religion and society, providing a comprehensive picture of the islands during the Bronze Age.

His research demonstrates for the reader parallels between Plato's narrative and Aegean civilization which might indicate the geographical place of Atlantis.

Just as Plato's story of a land swallowed up by the sea sought to entertain, improve and exalt, "Atlantis Destroyed" will captivate readers with the telling of how a myth was made.

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