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Denise Greig

Australian Gardener's Wild Flower Catalogue (1987)

Australian Gardener's Wild Flower Catalogue (1987)

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

The Australian Gardener's Wildflower Catalogue provides the most comprehensive pictorial record ever prepared of native species that will thrive in the home garden.

Almost 1000 trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers, all readily available from nurseries throughout Australia, are beautifully illustrated in brilliant colour photographs.

But this is more than just a pretty guide. The catalogue provides all the information necessary to help gardeners choose plants ideally suited to the conditions of their particular garden. Whether plants favour sun or shade, their soil requirements, whether they are resistant to drought or frost, wind or salt spray, are all of importance when planning your garden.

Here, special indexes listing plants by these features provide a quick reference to those
species that will thrive under difficult conditions. Other indexes guide guide the reader to plants with attractive Or aromatic foliage plants that attract birds to the garden, fast-growing species, and plants that will thrive in containers.

Recognising that gardening with native species is a relatively new art, and that many will be less familiar with these plants, The Australian Gardener's Wildflower Catalogue gives practical advice on planning, planting and maintaining a wildflower garden or a garden that contains both native and exotic species.

Wherever possible advice is given on landscape use, the particular pests that a species is prey to, how to prune for desired results and how to maintain plants at their best by watering, mulching and judicious fertilising.

Whether it is for study, practical reference or simply inspiration, The Australian Gardener's Wildflower Catalogue will serve a wide range of uses and bring pleasure to all who enjoy Australia's uniquely beautiful flora.

Denise Greig has been photographing and writing about Australian native plants for over ten years. A photographer by profession, her collection of pictures of Australian plants is unequalled. Denise has published a number of books and articles on native flora, including specialised works on rockeries and creating fragrant gardens.

ISBN: 9780207154607
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