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Graham Bauer

Australian Story: Stories of Courage, Determination and Love

Australian Story: Stories of Courage, Determination and Love

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In-depth, behind-the-scenes profiles of favourite Australian Story features from the last four years, as chosen by the Australian Story team.

Australian Story is without doubt one of the best-loved shows on the ABC. A cornerstone of Monday night viewing for 15 years, it has brought into our homes and hearts the very personal accounts of our fellow Australians - people both famous and far from famous. With its unique approach and impeccable research, this iconic show represents storytelling at its very best.

Australian Story: Stories of courage, determination and love features ten very special Australian Stories from the last four years, selected by the Australian Story team. Much of what is filmed does not make it to air, and author Graham Bauer compellingly brings to life the complete accounts of each of these favourite stories, including insightful updates from the subjects themselves and from the story's producer.

The episodes chosen for this fourth collection of Australian Stories include the exciting tale of Black Caviar, the Aussie horse that has equalled Phar Lap's record and is the first animal to feature on Australian Story; the incredible seventy-year struggle to recognise the actions of two truly heroic World War II sailors, teddy Sheean and Captain Hec Waller; the dedication of Jan Cameron, a successful businesswoman who now devotes her life to improving the way factory-farmed animals are treated in this country; and the powerful story of love, hope and determination between Sally Nielsen and her fiance Sam Goddard, who wakes from his coma for an hour each day in extraordinary circumstances.

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