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Debra Ginsberg

Blind Submission

Blind Submission

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Angel Robinson loves books, so it's all her dreams come true when she lands a job as assistant to Lucy Fiamma, literary agent to the stars.

Angel reveals a talent for choosing bestsellers, but success comes at a price - she is overworked, underpaid, hardly ever sees her gorgeous writer boyfriend and soon starts to wonder about the way histrionic Lucy does business. It's a case of truth being stranger than fiction.

When a single chapter arrives anonymously by email, Angel encourages the author to keep writing. But soon it seems that the plot lines of Angel's own life are being borrowed for the manuscript, a revenge story featuring a monstrous boss and her brilliant hard-working assistant.

Chapter by chapter, fiction starts to resemble reality - whatever that is! Who is controlling who? Why won't the author reveal their identity? And who is infiltrating Angel's heart?

Not so much a whodunit as a who-wrote-it, you'll be kept guessing till the very last page.

ISBN: 9781741751505
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