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Karl Kruszelnicki

Bum Breath, Botox and Bubbles

Bum Breath, Botox and Bubbles

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Dr Karl gives us quirky factual details about nature, science and people in this, the latest in his excellent New Moments in Science series.

In this fifth book Dr Karl rampages on, doing what he does best - writing about scientific discovery and endeavours from an expert point of view. His ability to popularise science and clarify scientific jargon is what gives this author bestselling status. And he doesn't just let us in on the facts behind the success stories; he sometimes lets us in on the disasters.

Previously, Dr Karl has answered the most baffling questions of all: How do you get belly-button fluff? And why is it usually blue? Why does toast always land butter side down? And how did Mike the Headless Chicken survive for 18 months without a head?

Another bestselling, block-busting, demystifying and fully sick New Moments in Science.

ISBN: 9780732267155
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