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PJ Mayhem

Call Me Kismet

Call Me Kismet

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Kismet's destined to fall in love...but that's not the future she had in mind.

With all signs pointing to the one person who isn't interested, fate is going to need a helping hand - if she's to trust it at all...

Fiona Johnson has embraced spirituality, taken on the name Kismet and considers her love life to be a past life. Between juggling Mandarin classes at night and a bitch of a boss during the day, she's busy making plans to escape her mundane job and return to her beloved China - certain that's where her future lies.

Or she was...until her Energetic and Spiritual Healer throws everything into disarray when she sees a soul mate in Kismet's aura, launching Kismet on a mission to fulfil her romantic destiny.

All signs point to her mystery love being the local greengrocer she's dubbed 'the Singing Fruitologist'. But where she's into self-help, he's into sport. And there's one critical thing he should be into but isn't. Kismet.

It's going to take a lot more than her usual affirmations and Lovers Oracle cards to force the hand of fate and deal with the havoc that Situation Singing Fruitologist causes in Kismet's life - it's going to take an entire Spiritual Support Pit Crew...

And even then, is it really written in the stars or can she create her own destiny?

Call Me Kismet is a delightful and hilarious romantic comedy about faith, friendship and finding yourself.

ISBN: 9781925786934
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