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Sarah Zettel

Camelot's Honour

Camelot's Honour

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An evocative and magical romance set in the legendary time of King Arthur.

Elen, the daughter of a Welsh chieftain, lives in the border territory with her widowed mother and her brother. Her family are keen to ally with King Arthur, but some of the other local chieftains, in particular the ferocious Urien, are not so sure.

One night Elen is called out to tend to a woman in childbirth, and when her mother offers her some strange advice before she leaves she realises with trepidation that she is going to the fae folk. In return for her aid in the safe delivery of a baby boy, the fae magically delay her return home; so when she arrives Urien's men have already left, leaving her home in ruins and her mother brutally butchered.

Elen determines to ride to Arthur's court to beg for aid in driving out the invaders. What she doesn't know is that Urien is the paramour of Morgaine, the most powerful sorceress on the Isle of Britain, Arthur's half-sister and his deadliest enemy. Morgaine and Urien decide that Elen must not be allowed to reach Arthur. But they reckon without the valiant Geraint, younger brother of the renowned Sir Gawain.

He is determined to prove himself worthy of his place at the Round Table, but when he meets Elen he will find there are things other than honour worth fighting for.

ISBN: 9780007158690
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