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Stephanie Smee, Countess De Segur

Camille and Madeleine

Camille and Madeleine

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Excellent condition

The second book of The Fleurville Trilogy

Camille and Madeleine are perfect little girls, beautifully behaved and very wise. They live with their mother at Chateau Fleurville.

When another little girl Margeurite and her widowed mother come to stay and Sophie,
who is now orphaned is 'adopted' by the family, the four girls become firm friends.

Margeurite and Sophie are constantly aspiring to the considerate thoughtful behaviour of Camille and Madeleine but through their adventures all four learn to be responsible for their actions and steadfast loyalty.

With gentle humour and engaging characters, this story is a delight for girls everywhere.

ISBN: 9780731814619
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