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Joy Fielding

Charley's Web

Charley's Web

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Charley Webb is a smart, beautiful single mother-of-two who left New York City in search of her own version of paradise in Palm Beach, Florida.

She now writes a column for the Palm Beach Post, in which she shares her views on sex, shopping and the more entertaining goings-on in her neighbours' lives - much to their disgust. Charley knows she's not the most popular person in town - but then she receives a letter from a genuine fan.

Jill Rohmer is a young woman serving time on death row for the murders of three small children - and she wants Charley to write her biography. For there are many hidden truths surrounding the murders Jill is now ready to reveal, including the existence of a mysterious man she calls Jack.

But as Charley begins to delve into Jill's background, she starts receiving threatening, anonymous letters regarding her own children. Jill is safely locked away - so does this mean the elusive Jack is still out there somewhere?

Charley finds herself in a desperate race against time to unlock the secrets behind the murders before her own family becomes the killer's next target.

ISBN: 9781847370433
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