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Jennifer Chiaverini

An Elm Creek Quilts Collection

An Elm Creek Quilts Collection

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

History is thick with secrets in The Sugar Camp Quilt.

Set in Creek's Crossing, Pennsylvania, in the years leading up to the Civil War, the novel follows Dorothea Granger's passage from innocence to wisdom against the harrowing backdrop of the American struggle over slavery. She discovers that a quilt she has stitched for her uncle Jacob with five unusual patterns of his own design contains hidden clues to guide runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad.

When Elm Creek Quilts announces openings for two new teachers in Circle of Quilters, quilters everywhere are vying to land the prestigious post. The impending departure of two founding members means untold changes for the Elm Creek Quilters. As they begin the interview process, a single question emerges: Who can possibly take the place of beloved colleagues and friends?

A Roaring Twenties adventure unfolds in The Quilter's Homecoming, as young bride Elizabeth Bergstrom Nelson sets off with her husband, Henry, from her family home of Elm Creek Manor in Pennsylvania. This rich historical narrative travels to the unfamiliar terrain of southern California, where the adventurous newlyweds embrace a life as dramatic as the landscape.

ISBN: 9781439197790
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