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Dan Mathews

Committed: A Rabble-rouser's Memoir

Committed: A Rabble-rouser's Memoir

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Dan Mathews is the marketing force behind PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

In his memoir Committed he offers the complete story of his remarkable life and outrageous career at PETA, recounting the most hilarious and horrific experiences of both his personal and professional life, delivering a witty, bold and passionate memoir that recounts the soul-searching that inspired a reluctant party boy to devote his life to a cause, while never losing his sense of mischief and fun.

Mathews has strutted naked before a fur convention in Tokyo, halted General Motors' use of animals in crash tests by storming the carmaker's float dressed as a rabbit, and crashed a fashion show in Milan dressed as a priest.

With backdrops such as the rock scene in Hollywood and London, the inner sanctums of New York high fashion, jails in Hong Kong and Boston, and a psychiatric ward in Paris, Committed spotlights the adventures life can offer when you don't abandon your youthful ideals and imagination.

ISBN: 9780731813346
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