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Roman Alonso, Steven Johanknecht, Pamela Shamshiri

Commune: Designed in California

Commune: Designed in California

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One of America's leading interior design firms, Commune was established in Los Angeles in 2004 by four like-minded souls with a common mission:

  • to enhance life through design
  • to blur the lines between disciplines, eras and styles
  • to create collected environments, not decorated ones
  • to support artisans and the handcrafted
  • to preserve good architecture and original details
  • to salvage, reclaim, reuse
  • to make good use of the golden Southern California sunlight in their work
  • to design everything from hotels to houses, apartments and even trailers, yet make them all feel like home

The book is a monograph of Commune's best work to date, including its designs for private residences, hotels, commercial spaces and restaurants, as well as the works by artists specially commissioned by Commune in the areas of textiles, ceramics, furniture and wood.

ISBN: 9781419709630
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