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Lisa Unger

Crazy Love You

Crazy Love You

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Ian Paine has spent his life running away. He's drunk too much booze, taken too many reality-warping drugs, gotten high too often to numb the painful memories of his horrific childhood.

Gorging himself on food until he was unrecognizable, he hid inside himself, and to the world he was just a lonely fat boy. But Ian was lucky; he grew up and managed to escape the haunting pull of his hometown and become a successful comic book artist in New York City.

There has only ever been one constant in Ian's life: Priss. She is everything he isn't - powerful, enticing, beautiful. Dangerous. She isn't afraid to confront the problems that Ian isn't strong enough to face, but she also loves to feed his addictions for drugs, for sex, for running away. And no one seems to understand the volatile Priss the way Ian does.

But everything begins to change when Ian meets Megan - a kind, good-hearted woman who Ian wants to start a new life with. But Priss won't let Ian go so easily, not when she's spent a lifetime by his side.

Priss is angry, and when she's angry, bad things begin to happen...

ISBN: 9781471111488
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