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Sara Douglass



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Tencendor is dead and only the StarSon can help it live again...but Qeteb is hungry for life - and power.

The Timekeeper Demons have destroyed the Star Gate and the magic of the StarDance.

Terrifyingly bitter and cruel they have resurrected Qeteb and will now destroy the StarSon and Tencendor forever. But without the StarDance can the Enchanters and gods do anything or must they stand aside in the face of the Demons power.

Can Drago the StarSon and those he has taken through death - his witches - meet with the demons one-on-one and win?

If only one fails Drago will be severely weakened...

The dramatic conclusion to The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy will have readers on the edge of their seats as Sara Douglass takes us on an unforgettable journey through a wasted Tencendor...

ISBN: 9780732265298
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