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Gabrielle Lord

Death Delights

Death Delights

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Forensic scientist Jack McCann, an ex-crime scene detective, is separated from his difficult wife and living with his 17-year-old son, Greg.

He is also trying to track down his teenage daughter, Jacinta, who ran away two years ago - an event that stirred memories of an earlier tragedy, the abduction of his little sister Rosie from outside the family home in 1975.

Reluctantly, Jack agrees to help a detective friend investigate a series of grisly pedophile murders. Then an anonymous telephone tip-off about Jacinta's whereabouts leads Jack into an intimate relationship with an enigmatic woman, a relationship that threatens not only to compromise the entire investigation, but also to bring him appallingly close to the mutilator murderer.

As Jack uncovers the extraordinary link between the old and new crimes, he is forced to confront the destructive patterns within his own family.

But before he can fully unravel the mystery, he unwittingly exposes both himself and his son to deadly danger.

ISBN: 9780733613135
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