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Sally Dingo

Dingo: The Story of Our Mob

Dingo: The Story of Our Mob

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

Story of the family saga of the Dingo tribe told by Sally the wife of the well-known Aboriginal actor, Ernie Dingo. The story of one of Australia's most loved film and television personalities.

The Dingo family history follows the formula of any self-respecting soap opera. It's full of life, death, laughter, violence, struggle, children, poverty, alcohol, and surprisingly after all that, success. It is the stuff of overblown fiction. It is also a history shared with every other Aboriginal family: a history still unknown to many Australians.

Dingo makes that incredible story truly accessible to non-Aboriginal Australians. Told through the eyes of Ernie Dingo's wife, Sally, it comes alive. It is also Sally's story. Emerging from her white middle-class existence in a sleepy Tasmanian town, Sally marries a charismatic actor and the turbulent Dingo tribe. She finds much to love and much to cry about.

With the unique perspective of a white woman adopted by an Aboriginal family who is able to write about her experiences with great skill and warmth, Dingo is a story to be treasured.

ISBN: 9780091836344
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