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Tim Moore

Do Not Pass Go: From the Old Kent Road to Mayfair

Do Not Pass Go: From the Old Kent Road to Mayfair

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A book that tells the story of London since the Thirties through the 26 streets and stations of the Monopoly board.

Acclaimed comic writer Tim Moore travels through the best and the worst that the city of London has to offer. He will stay in hotels in the Old Kent Road and Mayfair; visit Pentonville prison; search for Free Parking; contemplate how the grotty cul-de-sac that is Vine Street made it onto the board; visit The Angel, Islington - which isn't a road at all but a pub - and who knows, along the way, he could even win second prize in a beauty contest.

A funny and meticulously well-researched book, Do Not Pass Go! offers the reader a page-turning history of London through the world's most popular board game.

ISBN: 9780224062633
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