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Kenneth C Davis

Don't Know Much About Anything

Don't Know Much About Anything

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Everything You Need to Know But Never Learned about People, Places, Events, and More!

In his wildly entertaining, winningly irreverent, New York Times bestselling Don't Know Much About series, author Kenneth C. Davis has amused and edified us with fascinating facts about history, mythology, the Bible, the universe, geography, and the Civil War.

Now, the sky's the limit in his latest irresistible instalment - a grand tour of knowledge that carries us from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Berlin Wall, from the Salem Witch Trials to Watergate, from Michelangelo to Houdini.

Brimming with busted myths, gripping true stories, and peculiar particulars about a plethora of people, places, and events, this captivating compendium is guaranteed to delight information lovers everywhere as it feeds our insatiable appetite to know everything!

ISBN: 9780061251467
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