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Condition: New

Salt Ash

A Pair of Magpies socks

A Pair of Magpies socks

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Discover a new, vibrant world with A Pair of Magpies crew socks!

These unique socks feature Eloise Short's eye-catching artwork of magpies perching upon a gum tree with gum leaves and gum nuts. Show off the stunning beauty of magpies wherever you go. Strike out on new adventures and let the joy of two magpies come along for the ride!

Eloise is Blue Mountains Illustrator, known for the wonderful Lilah & Leonard the Lyrebird books, as well as the new book The Black Cockatoo with One Feather Blue.

Available in Medium (fits men size 8-11) or Small (size 2-8, EU 35-39)

70% cotton 30% Nylon/Lycra

Made and Designed in Australia by a member of Ethical Clothing Australia 

Condition: New
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