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Deborah Scroggins

Emma's War: Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan

Emma's War: Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan

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Love, corruption, violence and the dangerous politics of aid in the Sudan, by an exciting new writer.

Emma McCune's passion for Africa, her unstinting commitment to the children of the Sudan, and her striking glamour set her apart from other aid workers the moment she arrived in southern Sudan.

But no one was prepared for her decision to marry a local warlord - a man who seemed to embody everything she was working against - and throw herself into his violent quest to take over southern Sudan's rebel movement.

At once a disturbing love story and a penetrating examination of the Sudan, "Emma's War" charts the process by which Emma's romantic delusions led to her descent into the hell of Africa's longest running civil war.

ISBN: 9780006551478
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