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Peter O'Connor

Facing the Fifties: From Denial to Reflection

Facing the Fifties: From Denial to Reflection

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Between youth and old age lies the uncharted territory of the 50s; a decade of often dramatic change.

The author of this text explores the experience of living through your 50s, offering interviews with men and women who share their sense of loss and confusion, as well as their hopes. The 50s are shown as a rite of passage involving a cycle of separation, initiation and return, on which the first task is separation from mourning the loss of youthfulness.

The author aims to redefine the experience of growing older, allowing both mourning and a celebration of new possibilities. He shows how a successful transition can lead to a vital sense of physical and mental well-being and a life-affirming mature age.

ISBN: 9781865083841
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