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Tim Low

Feral Future

Feral Future

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Name inside cover, otherwise excellent condition

We are facing one of the most urgent environmental issues of our time. Exotic species are invading Australia at a frightening rate. Everyone knows about cane toads and rabbits, but few people have heard of the hundreds of other invaders now infiltrating the country, such as giant seaworms, crazy ants and new diseases.

Biologist Tim Low tells for the first time the story of the biological invasion of Australia. Tapping a rich vein of scientific data, fascinating stories and personal experience, he argues convincingly that bio-invasion poses a threat more ominous that greenhouse gases, industrial pollution and ozone depletion.

A window on tomorrow beyond our imagination - our feral future. No one who reads this book will look at plants and animals in quite the same way again. 

ISBN: 9780670884650
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