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Naomi Wolf

Fire with Fire (1993)

Fire with Fire (1993)

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Excellent condition for the age of the book


New Female Power and How it Will Change the 21st Century

This work calls for a new kind of feminism and new female attitudes to power. The author argues that the feminist movement has to change if it is to speak to a new generation of women.

There is a widening gap between much feminist rhetoric and most women's lives. Even as women are gaining more ground than ever before, a wariness of feminist orthodoxies keeps them away from the only movement capable of putting political clout behind their personal success.

"Fire with Fire" aims to provide a blueprint for a revitalized, inclusive brand of feminism. And it is a call to women themselves to throw off centuries of conditioning about the relationship between power and femininity: they must be prepared to wrest power and use it.

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