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Isolde Martyn



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Excellent condition

France 1793

After the dispersal of her family in the bloody upheaval of the French revolution, Fleur de Montbulliou, a beautiful young aristocrat, is forced into hiding. While she is living a hand-to-mouth existence in the countryside, her chance encounter with mysterious stranger results in a marriage proposal.

Determined to survive, Fleur weds a dying man she hardly knows and assumes a new identity as the widow of Matthieu Bosanquet, a prosperous merchant from the city. And so she is swept into the very heart of Paris, a place as treacherous as it is exciting. As political unrest plunges Paris yet more deeply into chaos, Fleur will be forced to take ever-greater risks.

In a glittering, dangerous world where anything might happen, can love survive?

ISBN: 9781405035699
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