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Bruno Bouchet

French Letters

French Letters

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Olive Grove.

New York trend-spotter Peter Noirelle is desperately seeking the next big thing in food. Responding to a letter from his long-absent roue of a father he travels to a tiny French village and is drawn into a crazy culinary scam - Greque en Provence, a frightful fusion of French and Greek cuisine.

While his brother attempts to facilitate a touching father-son reunion, Peter gets sucked deeper and deeper into his father's mad scheme, while being distracted by bizarre stories of their hilariously ill-fated forefathers. Will tourists flood Provence seeking out dolmades escargot and fetta fondu? Can Peter translate it into a supermarket winner? Or will the sex-mad Australian celebrity chef who just happens to be in town blow the scheme sky-high?

Bruno Bouchet's wicked new comedy is an inspired send-up of food fads, father-son relationships, and all those lavender-scented, olive oil-drizzled, herb-encrusted memoirs of Provence.

ISBN: 9780733619304
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