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Phil Taylor, Pam Cupper

Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide

Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide

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An updated edition of the guide that has become an icon for travellers to Turkey

Lancashire Landing. Gully Ravine, Kereviz Dere. Anzac Cove. Lone Pine. Chunuk Bair. Scimitar Hill, Jephson's Post - in 1915 these and many other bloodsoaked locations on a small peninsula comprised Gallipoli, beside the famed 'Dardanelles'.

A campaign which began as 'one of the few great strategical conceptions of the World War'. fizzled in defeat for the British and the French victory for the Turks and the  Germans, and total casualties of over half a million. Within a decade, however. the fighting had become entwined in the national myths of young emerging nations Australia, New Zealand and the new republic of Turkey. Today the Gallipoli dead lie in neat cemeteries and the scars of war are often obscured by new growth.

The authors explored the battlefields, then set about researching and writing this book to help an increasing number of visitors appreciate the campaign - via brief histories, photographs, maps and plans. First published in 1989 and reprinted in 1997, Gallipoli: A Bantlefield Guide is the first comprehensive guidebook to the campaign's locations in Turkey and Greece for English-speaking visitors published since 1923.

The Gallipoli of 1915 had long receded when a visitor observed it had become "a country of the mind'. This book is a guide to that country pervading the now silent and frequently beautiful beaches, hills and gullies on the Gelibolu peninsula in modern Turkey where the main battles were fought.

PHIL TAYLOR and PAM CUPPER first visited Gallipoli, where Pam's grandfather served with the 8th Battalion, AIF, in the summer of 1980 during a cycle tour of the eastern Mediterranean. They maintain their interests in history. Pam as a history teacher and Phil as a heritage historian with the Victorian Ministry of Education.

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