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Aidan Phelan



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"The police are my natural enemies. They chose to bully and persecute those I care for. Now they'll reap what they've sown."

The Kelly Gang have been on the run for months and are the most wanted men in the British Empire. No expense has been spared in the hunt to bring them to justice. With the introduction of highly specialised trackers to hunt them and rumours of treachery amongst their supporters, the outlaws are desperate.

Soon their leader, Ned Kelly, will hatch a plan that will not only bring an end to the pursuit, but will leave an indelible mark on the history of Australia.

Glenrowan is the story of how one man's burning obsession can have far-reaching consequences, and how a tiny town between towns became as iconic as Gettsyburg or Waterloo.

ISBN: 9780646821702
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