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Janet Hutchison

Grandma Magic

Grandma Magic

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Grandma, Nanna, Granny, Gran, Baba, Yia Yia, Nonna, Nainai, Laol.

Welcome to Grandma Magic: stories told by and about grandmothers - grandmothers youthful and elderly, playful and strict, joyful, sorry and stern, exotic, ordinary. Stories filled with wonder and love and the mystery of being - and having - a grandmother.

Stories told by grandmothers themselves, by mothers who become grandmothers, and by the children and grandchildren who love them and share their love.

These twenty tales speak of unconditional affection, joy and laughter; of mistakes redeemed, of family secrets and patterns stamped on generations, shame and hardship, memory and loss. They take you into realms both familiar and unknown, on a voyage around many grandmothers that is rich, engaging and irresistible.

ISBN: 9781742372662
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