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Edna Fernandes

Holy Warriors

Holy Warriors

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This is an eye-opening exploration of India's incendiary religious mix - based on a series of face-to-face encounters with all flavours of the faithful, the fervent and the fanatical.

It is suitable for those with an interest in India (fans of Suketu Mehta, Pankaj Mishra, William Dalrymple, Mark Tully and V. S. Naipaul) and those with an interest in religious fundamentalism and terrorism (Jason Burke, Gilles Keppel, Peter Bergen).

Home to all the major religions, India is also, inevitably, host to virtually every type of religious fanatic. No other nation has witnessed as much proselytization or heard as many war cries in the name of God as India.

For centuries, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Muslims have waged bloody wars, sought violent conversion and declared jihad against their enemies, as their religions have been hijacked by the forces of fundamentalism.

In "Holy Warriors", British-Indian journalist Edna Fernandes travels to the country's recent and past theatres of religious extremism - from Kashmir to Gujarat, Punjab to Goa - to meet the generals and foot soldiers of communal wars who assert their faith in rhetoric and rage.

Theirs are stories of bigotry and bloodshed, insecurity and despair, but Fernandes listens with understanding, tolerance and a deft sense of humour, and paints a uniquely vivid and clear-sighted picture of a country divided by dogma.

ISBN: 9781846270963
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