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Stuart McLean

Home From the Vinyl Cafe

Home From the Vinyl Cafe

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Welcome back to the Vinyl Cafe and to the wonderful, quirky world of its proprietor and his family and friends. 

Home from the Vinyl Cafe takes us into a year in the life of Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam as they bump and stumble from one Christmas fiasco to the next. In between, we learn of Dave and Morley's first meeting, on ice, and Stephanie's own early adventures in love.

We hear of Dave and Morley's sometimes misguided, but always heartfelt, efforts at parenting. Whether it's sending the kids to camp, putting up the Christmas lights or losing control at the grocery store, in the hands of master storyteller Stuart McLean, everyday events are seen for all their challenges and hilarious possibilities.

Warm, witty and moving, these are stories that will walk right into your life and make themselves at home.

ISBN: 9780143169703
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