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Condition: New

Jazz Money

How to Make a Basket

How to Make a Basket

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A powerful and lyrical collection of poetry by the winner of the 2020 David Unaipon Award. The end of the world was marked with beautiful light we should have known.

Simmering with protest and boundless love, Jazz Money's David Unaipon Award-winning collection, how to make a basket, examines the tensions of living in the Australian colony today.

By turns scathing, funny and lyrical, Money uses her poetry as an extension of protest against the violence of the colonial state, and as a celebration of Blak and queer love.

Deeply personal and fiercely political, these poems attempt to remember, reimagine and re-voice history.

Writing in both Wiradjuri and English language, Money explores how places and bodies hold memories, and the ways our ancestors walk with us, speak through us and wait for us.

Condition: New
Published: 2021
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780702263385
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