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Robyn Williams

In Love with Betty the Crow

In Love with Betty the Crow

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The First 40 Years of the Science Show

The Science Show with Robyn Williams on Radio National is one of the longest-running programs on Australian radio. Scientific issues, debates, events, personalities, exposing scientific fraud, discoveries and broadcasting pranks have been its hallmarks, and the show has given Australians fascinating insights into all manner of things.

In this lively account of forty years of The Science Show, Robyn reveals in his inimitable style why science is important - touching on topics like the flakes and the heroes, propaganda, cosmic revolutions, our relationship with animals, women in science, and of course, the environment.

Informative, entertaining and memorable, this is a book that is a must-read for anyone who is interested in ideas and the truth.

ISBN: 9780733335013
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