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Kristine Olsson

In One Skin

In One Skin

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Evelyn and Elena are sisters, 'fiercely close'.

Growing up without a mother, they have nourished each other, creating their own versions of reality. Now Evelyn is missing, and the certainties of Elena's adult life are shattered.

Daily routine no longer soothes her; the cocoon of safety she has woven around her husband and two sons no longer seems enough. In Evelyn's diary, she can find no trace of the sister she knew. Anger and blame, the pull of memory and blood fill its terrifying pages.

Only by facing the buried secrets in her own life can Elena reach a hard-won understanding of her sister - and herself.

The profound consequences of abandonment and the promise of renewal are all deftly explored here in language that pierces the heart.

ISBN: 9780702232718
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