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Jodi Rose

Journeys of the Heart

Journeys of the Heart

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

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Carers' Stories of Love, Loss & Transformation

Journeys of the Heart is a book about love and compassion and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a serious but uplifting book; it is the beginning of a conversation about the value of being a carer in today's world.

In 2012, Jodi Rose cared for her beloved husband Murray in his final months of life. She describes the experience as her greatest test, but one that gave her inner strength. In Journeys of the Heart, Jodi shares her own story and presents the stories of many others who have cared for a loved one as they faced death.

Some, like Jodi, lost their life partner. Others cared for parents and siblings as they travelled towards the unknown. Yet others were faced with the terrible knowledge that they would lose a precious child. Despite these profound challenges, each carer ultimately found the courage to be present for their loved one and to achieve a level of acceptance following their loss.

Each story is unique and gives us beneficial insights into the carer's role-its challenges as well as its rewards. In talking about their experiences, the contributors reveal some of the lessons in healing and transformation they learnt along their journeys.

Jodi and her fellow carers have generously and bravely opened their hearts and their lives to us. For anyone travelling the way of a carer for a loved one, their stories offer comfort and inspiration and may lessen the feeling of being alone.

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