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Marele Day

Lambs of God

Lambs of God

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The classic and bestselling Australian novel.

The flock of nuns and the flock of sheep had been together for so long that the sheep, if they had enough brains to consider the matter at all, thought of the nuns as part of the flock rather than shepherds.

For Iphigenia, Margarita and Carla, the crumbling monastery they live in is their whole world. They have their daily routines and at their nightly knitting circle, they tell stories - stitching into their work fairytales and myth. Whatever exists beyond their island home is forgotten.

That is until the day Father Ignatius arrives, intent on transforming their forgotten paradise into a luxury resort, complete with a helipad and marina. In an attempt to protect their peaceful existence, the Sisters find themselves willing to do almost anything to save their beloved home...

ISBN: 9780733641404
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