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Luft Anthology

Luft Anthology

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This anthology of poetry, prose and art is a response to an original music composition by Grammy Award-winning creative, Peter Cobbin.

From birth to death, from a tiny seed to a towering tree, from a feather to the sea, each writer strikes a different note, finds a different resonance, allowing the lyricism of Peter’s music to take them where it will.

The unique ability of music to evoke memory and creative possibility is here translated into the symbols of story and poem.

Adam Byatt / Arna Radovich / Belle Butler / C.A. Broadribb / Carolyn Kelshaw / Chandu Bickford / Geoff Matthews / Jeanette Temesvary / Jen Kingsford / Kathryn Knight / Leila Wright / Michelle Rickerby / Mihaela Cristescu / Peter Cobbin / Peter Stiles / Tim Johnson / Victoria Benn

With images by Peter Cobbin, Mark Denny and Julie Parkin

Condition: New
Published: 2023
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9798395730695
Size: x x
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