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Mark Thomson

Makers, Breakers and Fixers

Makers, Breakers and Fixers

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A bloke...His shed...The perfect relationship

Meet the blokes who know how engines work, what to do with discarded bicycle parts, how to fix everything from bulldozers to sewing machines to prize-winning hotrods.

Makers, Breakers & Fixers explores the link between creativity and resourcefulness, a powerful Australian tradition forged out of isolation, drought, fire, war and the Depression.

From farm to factory to artist's studio, the shed has come to be treasured as a palace of everyday creativity. It's the place where problems are solved and communities built. More than ever, the answer's in our own backyard.

Mark thomson, author of the runaway bestseller Blokes & Sheds, returns to lift the roofing iron and peek inside corrugated kingdoms across the nation.

ISBN: 9780732283438
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