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F. Sionil José



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Mass is the story of the illegitimate son of Antonio Samson, the major protagonist in Sionil Jose's novel, The Pretenders.

Now grown-up, Pepe Samson escapes from his village of Cabugawan to live in Manila's sprawling slum - Tondo.

Mass is the story of his journey from one swampland to another; it is also the story of thousands of young Filipinos who have finally found meaning in their lives. But more than story of discovery, it is an affirmation of faith in the future as envisioned by the dedicated Filipino youth today.

Written in Paris in 1976, it appeared in first in translation in 1982 in Holland where it became a best seller, Mass is also the last, in terms of chronology, of the author's five Rosales novels.

ISBN: 9789718845035
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