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Margaret Simons

Meeting of the Waters

Meeting of the Waters

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The Hindmarsh Island Affair

At Hindmarsh Island in South Australia, not far from Adelaide, the waters of the Murray River, lifeblood of the Australian continent, flow into a large coastal lake. Fresh waters mingle with salt before finally meeting the sea.

In this peaceful place during the 1990s a battle was fought between developers and local Aborigines over the construction of a bridge between the mainland and the island. Before it was over it had divided both indigenous and white communities, embroiled the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and prompted a Royal Commission.

In The Meeting Of The Waters, Margaret Simons unravels the complexities of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge Affair, probing beyond the conventional picture of a commercial venture stymied by fraudulent claims and bureaucratic interference.

Here is a story that goes to the heart of who we are as a nation, that questions the nature of truth, of history, of equity for people living in this land.

ISBN: 9780733613487
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