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Hope Edelman

Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss

Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss

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An instant bestseller in both hardcover and paperback, Hope Edelman's Motherless Daughters explores the myriad ways that losing a mother can affect almost every aspect and passage of a woman's life.

First published in 2006, it is still the book that motherless daughters of all ages look to for understanding and comfort and that they press into each other's hands.

Building on interviews with hundreds of mother-loss survivors, this life-affirming book is now newly expanded to reflect the author's personal experience with the continued legacy of mother loss; now married and a mother of young children herself, Edelman better understands how the effects of mother loss change over time and in light of new relationships.

A work of stunning courage and honesty, Motherless Daughters is a must-read for the millions of women whose mothers have gone, but whose need for healing, mourning, and mothering remains. It is a timeless classic.

ISBN: 9780738210261
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