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Elsebeth Egholm

Next of Kin

Next of Kin

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Why do we fear strangers when often it's those closest to us who pose the greatest threat?

Fear and anxiety have spread to Denmark in the aftermath of the London bombings. Late one evening, journalist Dicte Svendsen receives an anonymous package containing footage of a brutal murder--a beheading carried out by a sabre-wielding figure dressed in black.

Dicte and her old friend Inspector John Wagner form an uneasy alliance with the Danish secret intelligence service to identify the killer. As media reports unleash a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria across the country, panic escalates, and when Dicte's teenage daughter is attacked, the investigation gets personal. Dicte has fought long and hard to put her dark past behind her--so how does the killer seem to know her deepest secrets?

Next of Kin is the best-selling European thriller from crime writer Elsebeth Egholm, and the first of her popular 'Dicte Svendsen' series available in English.

ISBN: 9781742662510
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