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Arlene J Chai

On The Goddess Rock

On The Goddess Rock

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Josie Lee travels from her home in Australia to a small island off the coast of China to bury her grandfather's ashes. There she discovers the old Lee mansion - now sold to a developer - and a web of family secrets stretching back over the generations.

Unknown to Josie, it is the time for righting old wrongs. And as the last of the Lees, she must do the paying. Soon they will all gather on the Goddess Rock where long ago, a betrayed woman cursed Josie's ancestors.

Spanning the twilight years of the Treaty Port Era, when China's armies were constantly on the march, to the present day, 'On the Goddess Rock' is a richly imagined tale of two families whose destinies are inextricably entwined.

ISBN: 9780091837174
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