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Preethi Nair

One Hundred Shades of White

One Hundred Shades of White

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A magical mixture of East meets West, mothers in conflict with daughters, and the healing power of food.

‘I cannot easily put into words why I told my children their father had died. What was I supposed to tell them? The truth? ‘’Monu, Mol, your father has had enough of responsibility, he has another family, he’s gone, left us.’’ Maybe there are one hundred shades for explaining truth, a spectrum from light to dark, depending on the vulnerability of those who have to hear it. Things are not always clear cut, they are not either black or white, life just isn’t like that.’

Nalini and her two young children are transplanted from luxury in India to the bewildering confusion of London, only to be abandoned by her negligent husband. At first, survival is a struggle, but Nalini turns to what she does best: cooking. Her mouthwatering pickles bring financial stability and domestic happiness, as well as affecting everyone who tastes them.

Everyone, that is, except for her daughter, Maya. Maya loves fish fingers, burgers and chips. She’s not interested in her history; that died with her father. Resisting the pull of her family, she follows her own chaotic journey which will take her back to India before she can face the truth about her parents, forgive them and herself – and admit that lime pickle is delicious, after all.

ISBN: 9780007156153
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