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Louise Candlish

Other People's Secrets

Other People's Secrets

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Ginny and Adam Trustlove arrive on holiday in Italy torn apart by personal tragedy.

Two weeks in a boathouse on the edge of peaceful Lake Orta is exactly what they need to restore their faith in life - and each other. Twenty-four hours later, the silence is broken.

The Sale family have arrived at the main villa: wealthy, high-flying Marty, his beautiful wife Bea, and their privileged, confident offspring. It doesn't take long for Ginny and Adam to be drawn in, especially when the teenage Pippi introduces a new friend into the circle.

For there is something about Zach that has everyone instantly beguiled, something that loosens old secrets - and creates shocking new ones.

And, yet, not one of them suspects that his arrival in their lives might be anything other than accidental...

ISBN: 9781847443892
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