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Quentin Beresford, Paul Omaji

Our State of Mind: Racial Planning and the Stolen Generations (2000)

Our State of Mind: Racial Planning and the Stolen Generations (2000)

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In 1937 the Commonwealth Government and the States resolved to adopt as official policy the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. That policy envisaged the ultimate disappearance of the Aboriginal race.

Since the Second World War, two generations have been raised into adulthood as the offspring of the stolen generations, and the children of a third generation are still in their teenage years.

Many of these young people have experienced a range of emotional, behavioural, and adjustment problems which represent the ongoing legacy of assimilation.

Our State of Mind examines the racial thinking behind the introduction of the policies of assimilation and removal of Aboriginal children, its continuing legacy in Australia today, and challenges Australians to focus on critical issues on the nation's path towards reconciliation.

ISBN: 9781863682350
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