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Laurie Nowell

Refugee Stories: In Their Own Words

Refugee Stories: In Their Own Words

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30 compelling interviews with refugees who have escaped war or conflict from more than a dozen countries inspirational individuals and initiatives that are harnessing the potential of refugees to make Australia a richer society.

The world is facing the largest human displacement crisis in history with more than 68 million people forced to leave their homes because of violence, conflict or persecution. Each year Australia accepts around 18,000 refugees through the United Nation's humanitarian settlement programs.

Many of the refugees who settle in Australia have experienced trauma, torture or the loss of loved ones. They bring with them memories, traditions, culture and history.

They also bring with them hopes, dreams and ambitions for their children. They are, by definition, resilient and ingenious people who have overcome challenges and dangers just to get here.

Refugee Stories is about the experiences and the hopes and aspirations of refugees who have made Australia home, and also about those in our society who have tried to make them welcome. These are inspirational stories of ordinary people forced by circumstances beyond their control to make extraordinary physical and emotional journeys to safety and freedom.

ISBN: 9781925642735
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