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Regenesis 2023: Water

Regenesis 2023: Water

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As part of the 2023 Winter Magic festival, RoseyRavelston Books and Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network are proud to host a Poetry, Short Story & Drawing competition for Blue Mountains residents!

The theme for this competition was Regenesis: Water; the call to human beings for a new relationship with the Earth and all its lifeforms that aligns with Australia's ancient cultural ethos of Caring for Country enshrined in First Nations' knowledge systems. This knowledge was kept alive in the Songlines through the power of the arts.

Regenesis requires both an inner spiritual transformation of how we see ourselves, and an outer transformation in how we act. It builds on the regenerative agricultural movement, and the move to regenerative economic and societal frameworks to meet the challenges of our times and is aligned with Council's Planetary Health Initiative.

This anthology contains remarkable works of poetry, short stories and art on the theme of Regenesis, all by residents of the Blue Mountains. Thanks to Bendigo Bank for their sponsorship!

About Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network

Condition: New
Published: 2023
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9798397702041
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