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Elizabeth Buchan

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

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Sink into the joyous bestselling novel from Elizabeth Buchan about new beginnings and rediscovering the person you once were.

Rose Lloyd was the last to suspect that Nathan, her husband of over twenty years, was having an affair and that he was planning to leave her. But the greatest shock was yet to come: his mistress was Rose's colleague and friend, Minty.

Left alone in their once-happy family home, where she and Nathan had brought up their children, Rose started thinking - about the man she'd married, and how well she really knew him. About the carefree yet studious girl she had been before she met him.

Twenty years ago she had to make the choice between two very different lives. Could she now recapture what she nearly chose back then, a life where she put herself first?

Revenge of a Middle-Aged Woman is the compelling and heart-warming novel from bestselling author Elizabeth Buchan.

ISBN: 051488014003
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